Everything You need to know about Divplanet Affiliate Program.

Divplanet being one of the fastest growing Nigerian website has introduced a way for Advertisers and social media gurus to earn with the website. This earning is not only limited to social media gurus, but to everyone around the world.

Divplanet is an all in one website designed to meet the needs of everyone. A website built on the foundation of love, trust and care.. Its Slogan and Motto “Your Satisfaction, Our Priority.” Is indeed what they truly stand for.

About Divplanet Affiliate Program.

Divplanet Affiliate program is a program designed for people to earn from the website upon a successful purchase on each referral. That is, If you sign up for the affiliate program. You will be assigned an affiliate link. You can also generate affiliate links for each product on your dashboard. You can share this link via social media, websites, etc .. Once someone clicks the link and purchase a product using your affiliate link. You will be paid.

Divplanet pays a commission of 20% of total purchase made on the website through your affiliate link. Lets say someone purchased a product of ₦5,000 from your link. You will be paid ₦1,000 .. That is 20% of ₦5,000. Sounds cool right 😁😀

The amount you made so far, will remain on your dashboard.

Divplanet Shop will start paying you once your referral amount exceeds the threshold of ₦200 .. Once the amount on your dashboard exceeds ₦200. Contact us by hitting the chat icon on our blog section for an immediate payment. Although we pay in not greater than 5 business days.

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