How to join Divplanet Affiliate Program.

If you are just knowing about our affiliate program and wish to know more .. I recommend you read the Everything You need to know about Divplanet Affiliate Program. Article .. If you have done that .. We may now proceed.

To join the affiliate program. First step is to create an account. See the picture below

After a successful account creation. Go to Store Affiliates on the drop down menu and click on affiliate login. As shown in the picture below

Enter your account username and password. Then you will be taken to the page below

As seen in that image. Hit the apply link to register for the affiliate program.

After successful registration. You will be taken to your dashboard.

From your dashboard, you can see how much you made so far, number of people that clicked your link. And number of successful purchases that took place through your link.

You can also generate affiliate links for each product by copying the link to the product page and pasting it in the link generator.

Note: Your affiliate link is what earns for you .. Through your link, we know how many sales you brought to us and we pay you immediately. Payments happens in not greater than 5 business days. If delay occurs. You can contact us and request for immediate payments. Thank you.

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